The Federal Government has inaugurated a national One Health Strategic Plan, as part of efforts to contain Ebola, Lassa-fever, monkey-pox, yellow fever and others.

The plan, which was jointly developed by the Federal Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Rural Development, Environment and their agencies, integrates human, animal and environmental health management for improved health security.

The Minister of State for Health, Olorunnimbe Adeleke Mamora, wjile inaugurating the plan outlined the country’s plan to strengthen the prevention, detection and response to infectious diseases that affect humans, animals and the environment.

It reinforces Nigeria’s commitment to strengthen a multi-sectoral collaboration for health security. This plan will be implemented over a five-year period spanning 2018 to 2023.

Several studies have shown that the health of humans and animals share a common link with the environment as most infectious diseases that affect human beings are zoonotic, meaning  that it  originates from animals, and occur at the human-animal-environment interface.