The two kidnapped lecturers Adamu Chonoko from Ahmadu Bello University and Umar Chonoko from Kaduna Polytechnic have escaped from the den of their kidnappers.  Confirming their escape, spokesperson of Kebbi Indegenes Resident in Kaduna, Garba Muhammad said the two siblings and indigenes of Kebbi arrived the palace of Wakilin Sarkin Zurun Kaduna and were received by the Wakili around 11:51am today Sunday). It qoild be recallef that Umar Chonoko went to deliver the two million naira and a motorcycle ransom to secure his brother Adamu’s freedom, only for the abductors to hold him back and demanded another five million naira ransom. Three million naira was said to have been delivered,  making a total of N5million, but the abductors we’re said to have made another demand of ten million naira Muhammed said their demand could not be met and just this morning, with the assistant of security agents, both of them escaped. They thank the media, security agencies and all those who helped in praying for their freedom.