Fédération Internationale de Football Association, FIFA has filed a criminal suit against its former President, Sepp Blatter, over the mismanagement of the finances of its museum in Zurich.

World football governing body in a statement explained that funds which should have been channeled into the development of football were used in refurbishing a building it doesn’t own.

It added that the complaint includes the entire project costs at 564.59 million dollars and identifies that the previous FIFA administration a huge sum into renovating and refurbishing a building that the organization does not own, while also locking itself into a long-term rental agreement on unfavourable terms when compared to standard market rates, which, in total, will cost FIFA CHF 360 million by the date of expiration in 2045.

Blatter’s lawyer, Lorenz Erni while reacting to the accusations, said that they are “baseless and are vehemently repudiated. Blatter presided over FIFA for 17 years until he was banned due to criminal proceedings against him in 2015.