Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Sigrid Kaag, says equitable participation of women in the economy add to gross national products of the country.

Kaag said this during an interview in Abuja on Thursday.

The gross national product is an estimate of the total value of all the final products and services turned out in a given period by the means of production owned by a country’s residents.

She said that the active involvement of women in the economy would not only add value to the country’s GNP, it would also improve their statuses and that of their families.

The Dutch minister, who expressed firm belief in gender equality and equity, said that such elements should be extended to encouraging women to participate productively in the economic life of the country.

She further said that women’s active involvement in the economy would promote cohesion, stability, and progress not only in the socio-economic life of families but in the life of the entire country. u