Kenyan police hold back ferry passengers after new measures aimed at halting the spread of the new coronavirus instead caused a crowd to form outside the ferry in Mombasa, Kenya Friday, March 27, 2020. The new measures required public transport vehicles to drop passengers 1km away and walk to the ferry terminal and then queue, but passengers fearing they would get stuck before a 7pm curfew started crowding to get on causing police to fire tear gas and round up the passengers. (AP Photo)

Kenyan police have killed three people after firing at a crowd that was protesting against the arrest of a motorbike taxi rider for flouting covid-19 restrictions.

A police statement said the first shot killed a 40-year-old man as the motorbike taxi riders in the western Lessos town confronted an officer as he escorted their arrested colleague to a police station.

The protesters attacked the police station and burnt down the house of the commanding officer. More shots were fired at them leading to the death of two more protesters.

The statement added that the Inspector General of Police has ordered the arrest and suspension of the officer who was involved in a shooting incident in Lessos.

On Tuesday, a Kenyan policeman Duncan Ndiema was charged with the murder of 13-year-old Yasin Moyo, who was shot as he stood on a balcony in March watching police enforce a night-time curfew which he pleaded not guilty.

There is rising apprehension in Kenya over the level of force police are using to enforce coronavirus restrictions