Zimbabwe Riot Police Clamp Down On Harare Protesters
Zimbabwe Riot Police Clamp Down On Harare Protesters

Riot police deployed in the Zimbabwe capital Harare fired tear gas at opposition demonstrators who turned up to protest despite a court order against the action.

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The main opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, called off the protest on Friday morning after they failed to overturn the High Court ban on protests.

But people who had already gathered in the capital and at the offices of the MDC were violently dispersed. Some were physically assaulted whiles others were also arrested.

Social media is awash with photos and videos of the crackdown. Rights groups have condemned the actions which mirror a similar crackdown earlier this year.

The army were called in after police reportedly lost control of opposition protesters. The current protest is in respect of increasingly difficult economic conditions in the southern African country.

At the start of day, police maintained a heavy presence in the centre of the city as many residents stayed home and shops were shut in anticipation of violence.