The Africa Media Development Foundation, AMDF rejoices with Radio Stations around the globe as they celebrate the 2020 World Radio Day, just as it tasks them to raise awareness among citizens to participate in governance.

The Foundation’s Executive Director Iliya Kure In a statement to mark the Day which has its theme ‘Radio and Diversity’, also called on radio stations  to consistently maintain a diversity in editorial content and programming to reflect the variety of audiences and promote diversity in all forms.

 He explained that Radio educates, entertains, informs and unites people across various divides. He said the radio also remains the most powerful source of information for majority of people in Africa, especially for its ability to reach the remotes of communities in their language and dialect.

Africa in recent years has seen a rise in the establishment of radio stations coming from public, private and community investments, which is opening up the society and encouraging healthy debates.

February 13 became World Radio Day following a proclamation in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO, and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day.