The Nigerian Institute of Town Planners, NITP has called on the Federal Government to review some laws pertaining to environmental protection to make them more relevant.

The Institute’s immediate past President, Luka Achi made the call in Abuja on the sideline of the World Environment Day, with  theme “Air Pollution”.

Achi called on professional bodies to wake up and begin to urge the government to respond to the needs of the people, especially environmental needs. He also advised that the Environmental Protection Board should be strengthened because its duty was more or less evacuation of waste and sometimes cutting of grass on the road.

The Town Planner said that additional grants being obtained from oil producing states should be used by the state governments to control the environment. He further called for adequate environmental protection in the urban areas, adding that the quality of air in the environment should be checked and measured.

The Day is celebrated annually on June 5th across over one hundred countries to spread awareness, encourage people to take action and protect the environment.

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