The United Nations refugee agency has urged the governments of Tanzania and Burundi not to compulsorily deport Burundian refugees sheltering in Tanzania.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said in an statement that although security generally has improved in Burundi since violence erupted after the 2015 presidential polls, conditions in Burundi are not currently conducive to promote returns.

The statement call upon the governments of both Tanzania and Burundi’s commitment to uphold international obligations and ensure that any returns are voluntary in line with the tripartite agreement signed in March of 2018.

Tanzanian authorities said they had reached an agreement with Burundi to send all Burundian refugees back home from October 1st.

Kigoma regional commissioner, Brigadier General Emmanuel Maganga said there are still more refugees who have registered for voluntary repatriation but have not been returned, which is fueling violence in camps.