UNGA 77: Dr Congo President Calls On Un To Support African-Led Mediation

The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Félix-Antoine Tshilombo, has called on the United Nation to support Africa-led mediation, noting that the DRC has faced decades of ‘aggression’ at the hands of a neighbouring country.

Tshilombo made the call while addressing world leaders at the ongoing 77th session of UN meeting General in New York.

According to him, overcoming them will require working in greater concert, with more cooperation and solidarity between States and nations.

Stressing that international peace and security remains the UN’s primary objective.

He noted that in the name of religious fundamentalism terrorists are brutally killing innocent people in the East, West, Centre and South of the continent.

The president argued that the DRC had been a victim of a security crisis that has lasted more than 20 years aggression.

He however drew attention to attacks from neighbouring Rwanda along with what he saw as that country’s support of armed terrorist groups that are ravaging the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.