UHC Adolescents Must Be Kept Healthy–CSOS

A coalition of Civil Society Organisations CSOs, says progress toward Universal Health Coverage UHC requires keeping adolescents healthy as they represent critical window of opportunity in the country.

Chairman, National Advocates for Health Muhammad Usman who spoke on behalf of the CSOs said this in Abuja at the two-day strategic retreat organised by the African Health Budget Network AHBN.

The retreat reviewed the country’s Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescent Health and Nutrition, Recovery Plan Scorecard & Validate the Family Planning, 2030 Accountability Motion Tracker Template.

Usman said that investment in adolescents delivered multiple dividends, improved health and enhancement throughout the life course and contributing to the health of future generations.

The Coordinator, AHBN, Aminu Magashi urged that National health strategies and investment plans for UHC must include adolescents.

This, according to him, is with emphasis on the most vulnerable and marginalized adolescents and their families to ensure equity.

Magashi said that investment in vertical or single-issue programmes was rarely efficient.