The United Nations Population Fund,UNFPA on Friday said that Nigeria was on the road map to harness the potential of young people and empower them for a sustainable development.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, UNFPA, Nigeria, Pashe Dasogot, made the observation in an interview in Abuja.

Dasogot said “ 2019 is a celebratory year for UNFPA as it marks 50th Anniversary of the establishment of UNFPA and 25th Anniversary of International Conference on Population and Development.

Dasogot said that young people in Nigeria formed about one-third of its population, who are very energetic and of high intellect.

He highlighted some interventions that would help Nigeria harness the potential of young people for a sustainable development to include, the bill passed by the President on “Not Too Young to Run Bill’’, which is aimed at reducing the age limit of people seeking political offices in Nigeria.

He said others include: continued support for family planning, to meet the needs of young people; capacity building, job creation, participation of young people in policy making and legislature, among others.