Sudan’s ruling military council warned that it would not allow “chaos” after four people were killed in violence that broke out over an agreement on a political transition reached by the generals and protest groups.
Heavy gunfire was heard in the capital but it was not clear who triggered the violence.
State TV said one policeman and three protesters were killed in Khartoum and many other demonstrators were wounded.
Behind this are groups that are working hard to abort any progress in negotiations
The Transitional Military Council TMC, which took over after the army overthrew long-ruling President Omar al-Bashir last month, blamed the violence on saboteurs who were unhappy with the transition deal.
The military council and the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces opposition alliance said on Monday they had agreed to a power structure for the transition following Bashir’s removal and arrest.
Both said they had agreed on the duties and authorities of sovereign, executive and legislative bodies.