Spokesman Says No Crack In House Of Representatives
Spokesman Says No Crack In House Of Representatives

The House of Representatives Spokesman, Benjamin Kalu says there is no crack among the members of the House.

Kalu in a statement urged the public to ignore reports in the media suggesting there is division in the house. He said that the house led by Femi Gbajabiamila has no division either among the principal officers or the membership and the leadership.

The Spokesman said it is important to note that comparatively, since the Fifth Republic, the 9th Assembly remains the most united house.

He added that it is focused on true nation building which has been bought by the membership who have all keyed into the legislative agenda set as the road map towards the achievement of this mission.

According to Kalu, one or two dissenting voices as expected may not completely be on board the mission train. He said that such negligible opinion would not represents the majority interest of the 9th House of Representatives

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