Senegalese demonstrators clashed with security forces in Dakar on Monday, burning cars and building barricades to protest the treatment of opposition leader, Ousmane Sonko, who is on trial for charges of rape.

Just a day prior, Sonko, founder of the left-leaning PASTEF party, had attempted to lead what he called a caravane de la liberté, or a freedom caravan, from the town of Ziguinchor, where he serves as mayor, to Dakar.

But, the convoy of vehicles was deemed illegal and diverted to a home Sonko has in Dakar.

Interior Minister, Antoine Felix Diome has also refuted that Sonko has been arrested, but supporters and fellow politicians have claimed that security forces prevented them from visiting him.

Police also allegedly blocked roads around Sonko’s residence in Dakar’s Keur Gorgui district.