The flurry of sad social vices especially the issue of money laundering ,ritual killing for money and kidnappings for ransom bedeviling the country, is no doubt on the increase across the different parts of the country thus the recent signing into law three bills by president Muhammadu Buhari to curb these vices thus it was a compelling news when a resident of the federal capital territory, Sheriff Ekpolomo was trending for returning N13.3million naira wrongly transferred into his account by money agent without be coarsed.

Liberty News Correspondent,reports that Sheriff Ekpolomo, a civil servant resident in the FCT willingly returned the sum of N13.3million naira wrongfully transferred into his account.

Speaking to liberty News Correspondent  Sheriff Ekpolomo said he was shocked hours after paying his children’s school fees via a money agent he started receiving alerts of one million naira,and five hundred thousand naira respectively amounting to N13.3million in total and thus quickly alerted his wife and lawyer who advised him to remain calm.

Sheriff Ekpoloomo said after several hours a money agent named Anthonia called him weeping uncontrollably alleging that she mistakenly paid N13.3million into his account, pleading with him to kindly return the money to her as it belonged to her clients. He said the lady kept pestering him despite his assurance that he would return the money the following day.

The money agent Anthonia Arokoyo confirmed the incident via a phone call ,describing the man as indeed a good Nigerian that is rare to find.

Mr .Ekpolomo said some of his friends and neighbors scolded him for returning the money but said his upbringing and moral values encouraged him to do the right thing.

He said there was more to life than money and riches.

There is no gainsaying to the fact that despite the myriad of 8 vices and crimes such as money laundering, ritual killing for 5 money and kidnappings for ransom, some other Nigerians are of impeccable character and values still exist, which should be emulated by the younger and older generation.