National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, said it is compelled to bring to the notice of the general public the dangers of unauthorized use of NYSC uniform, logo, lyrics, literature and other intellectual materials associated with the Scheme.

The Scheme stated that it is greatly disturbed by the circulation of various content on social media for entertainment and political purposes. It added that it remains apolitical and neutral in the ongoing political and electioneering process and that the unregulated materials continue to portray the NYSC in bad light.

The Scheme cited section 14 of NYSC Act which clearly specifies that any person who, not being a person serving in the corps or duly authorised so to do, but wears the uniform or any part of the uniform of the service corps is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment for a term of six months or to both.

NYSC says henceforth, will not hesitate to initiate legal action against any individual or group that contravenes the provisions of the Act as regards the use of the NYSC uniform.