Mohammed Idris 1
Mohammed Idris 1

The Minister of Information National Orientation Muhammad Idris said the Government under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has maintained an open arm relationship with the media.

It is in line with the philosophy of the President as an astute democrat who spent a lifetime fighting for the entrenchment of democracy and human rights.

Idris, however, expressed concern on the manner in which some elements are abusing this free environment guaranteed by the Government and imbibe reckless reporting and sentiment that border on national security and stability.

The Minister emphasized that the Federal Government is lodging a formal complaint to the NPAN Ombudsman on this irresponsible reporting and will also use every lawful means to seek redress in the court of law.

Idris again restated the government’s friendly policy towards ethical media and free speech, but he however cautioned that the Government would not condone fake news and disinformation that would injure peace and national security of the country.

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