Some Northern elders have reacted to the report of abduction along the dreaded Abuja–Kaduna highway, saying the latest incident was just a reminder of the worsening state of security across the region.

According to the elders, the security situation in the North has reached a level where incidents of deaths, kidnapping, armed banditry and other violent crimes against the people, occur on daily basis, with many of such going unreported.

The northern elders, who bore their minds under the aegis of The Coalition of Northern Elders for Peace and Development, CNEPD, blamed the increase in food stuffs, with corresponding rise in inflation, on the growing insecurity in the North.

In a statement by the National Coordinator, Engr. Zana Goni, the elders drew a nexus between insecurity and the current food inflation, and reiterated its call for the rejigging and restructuring of the nation’s security architecture, for better performance.

While appreciating the efforts of the Service Chiefs in dealing with the security challenges, the elders submitted that the situation may have proven overwhelming, especially with the accompanying complexities.

It was their considered view that the current crop of Service Chiefs, who were appointed sometime in July, 2015, are deploying ideas that do not suit current realities.