The Nigeria Inter-Religious Council, NIREC has identified hunger and injustice as major causes of insecurity and high level corruption in the country.
The council’s Executive Secretary Cornelius Omonokhua made this known while delivering a keynote address at a One-Day National Discourse on “Corruption, Insecurity and Challenges of National Cohesion in Nigeria: Building Synergy Across Faiths”.
According to Omonokhua, hunger is a product of injustice in the distribution of resources. He said that injustice in Nigeria had taken a ‘structural’ form of conflict and violence.
The Executive Secretary said greed for power and governance has made politic appear like a very serious divider at all levels of human existence in the country.
The National Amir of Muslim Students Society of Nigeria Taofeeq Yekinni, said that the national discourse was conceived to awaken consciousness of Nigerians to the shared moral standards among adherents of the two major religions in the country.