The President, Nigeria Meteorological Society, NIMetS, Clement Akoshile, has said that the extreme hot weather being experienced now would continue until the soil absorbs enough rain water.

Akoshile, who said this in Lagos on Monday, noted that more or less moisture in the atmosphere would affect the temperature and determine whether it would be cool or hot.

He  said that the sun was constantly sending its radiation into the earth’s surface, adding that if much of the radiation got through, there would be more heat on the ground, the same way, if less got through, there would be less heat on the ground.

The NMetS president said that what was happening at present was that the weather was hot and many people are feeling the heat as a result of the cloud cover. There might be spontaneous relief when some rain falls.

Akoshile said, however, that as long as the hot cloud cover was not allowing the air to move freely on its own, the weather would continue to be hot.