The Kaduna State Government has completed the renovation and upgrading of 226 Primary Healthcare Centres, PHCs out of the planned 255 functional facilities, one in each political ward of the state.

Kaduna state Health Commissioner Amina Baloni

The state Health Commissioner Amina Baloni announced this while providing updates on health status, budget performance, COVID-19 intervention and renovation of 255 PHCs in the state.

She spoke at the Open Kaduna Health Quarterly Interactive Forum, organised by Kaduna State Maternal New-born and Child Accountability Mechanism, KADMAM in collaboration with the state Ministry of Health and other Development Partners with the theme, “#Open Kaduna Health in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic”.

Earlier, the Co-Chair of KADMAM Mustapha Jumare pointed out that low-cash backing of budget releases is undermining performance of the health sector in the state.

He also acknowledged a reasonable budgetary allocation to the health sector by the state government, in line with the Abuja Declaration of a minimum of 15 per cent budgetary allocation to the sector. He, however, said in spite the reasonable budgetary allocations, the health indices in the state had remained very disturbing.