The High Court in Tanzania’s biggest city Dar es Salaam has postponed its ruling on whether the death penalty should be scrapped.

Human rights activists had filed the case, arguing that it breached the constitution which guarantees the right to life.

Although the death penalty is still officially allowed, it has not been used since 1994.

The new date for the ruling is set for 17 July.

Stella Nyanzi appeared in court to hear that she has a case to answer

A Ugandan court has ruled that activist Stella Nyanzi must defend herself against charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication against President Yoweri Museveni.

The prosecution accuses Nyanzi of posting a Facebook message in September about the president and his late mother that was deemed to be obscene, lewd and indecent.

The prosecution also says Nyanzi’s post disturbed the peace and right to privacy of the president.