The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC is set to validate the capacity of the Lagos University of Teaching Hospital LUTH, to test for the novel coronavirus.

Director General of NCDC, Chikwe Ihekweazu, disclosed this on his Twitter handle.

The centre said the five laboratories have the capacity to diagnose Lassa fever in the country and each laboratory costs about 100 million naira to equip initially, and millions of naira to maintain functionality.

He also said the Centre has agreed on an initial national case definition to identify suspected cases.

According to him, NCDC is one of the few trailblazing organisations on the continent with technical expertise and clear mandate to protect the health of Nigerians from threats of infectious diseases like the novel coronavirus and Lassa fever.

He advised Nigerians if they experience symptoms of coronavirus such as respiratory illness, restlessness or cough within 14 days of travel to China they should contact NCDC immediately.