Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan has said that the ministerial list of President Muhammadu Buhari will be forwarded to the Senate before the end of this week.

The Senate President Ahmad Lawan who was speaking at plenary after a Point of Order raised by Albert Bassey Akpan said the Executive arm was working very hard on the ministerial list.

Akpan had in his Point of Order, raised under personal description urged the President to send the names of ministerial nominees as the Senators would soon embark on their annual recess.

He observed that if the list is not made available for the required legislative attention before they embark on the long recess, there will be no ministers and by extension, federal cabinet for the President to work with till September.

But Lawan said that based on discussions he had with some top government officials, the list should be sent to the Senate before the end of this week. He also said that Senators should be ready to make sacrifices and wait to screen and confirm the ministerial nominees before proceeding on the annual recess. ‘8��m2}�P3�