Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Monday said eight years of his leadership will prepare the ground for 100 million Nigerians to be out of poverty in the next 10 years.

The president made a similar comment on June 12 during the commemoration of Democracy Day.

More than 87 million out of about 190 million Nigerians are currently leaving in extreme poverty, the Brookings Institution said in 2018.

While the country is targeting a 3.0% growth in 2019, the ever-spiking population will limit the impact such growth can have on poverty reduction.

With the population growing at the rate of 3.2% annually, the United Nations projected that the country’s population may rise to 411 million by 2050, making Nigeria the third-most populous country in the world. The United States Census Bureau projection for the same period put that figure at 402 million.

The problem is not lost on the Nigerian leader. He thinks the population growth can be a blessing in disguise.