The United Nations, UN says about 22 people have been killed in an attack on a village in north-west Cameroon. Among are children, and most of the victims were burned alive.

No group has claimed responsibility for Friday’s incident, but an opposition party blamed the army.

Cameroon’s government, which has been fighting separatists in the region for three years, denied involvement in the attack.

An official from the UN’s humanitarian co-ordination agency Ocha, James Nunan, said a pregnant woman was among those killed. Fourteen children, including nine under the age of five, were also among the dead.

In a statement, one of the country’s main opposition parties, The Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon blamed the dictatorial regime” and the head of Cameroon’s security forces for the attack.

A leading figure in the separatist movement, Agbor Mballa also suggested that state defence forces were responsible, while an army official described the allegations as false.

Cameroon’s President Biya has been accused of human rights abuses during the conflict which has been centred in north-western Cameroon, where most of the population speaks English because of old colonial ties to Britain.