Agriculture experts have warned farmers against the use of adulterated agro-chemicals, fertilizers, and sub-standard seeds in their farms.

They gave the advice while speaking with newsmen in Bauchi state.

An Agronomist and former General Manager of the Bauchi Agricultural Development Project, Iliyasu Gital, said the use of adulterated agrochemicals, fertilisers, seeds, seedlings and other substandard inputs contribute to low yield in farms.

He also stressed that sub-standard agrochemicals, including fertilisers, herbicides and insecticides have damaging effects on the quality, quantity and profitability of farm products.

Also, the State Chairman, Agro Chemical Dealers, Mohammed Sani, lamented over the sales and use of sub-standard goods, leading to waste of resources and valuable time and failure. He, however, urged farmers to have access to certified seeds and chemical inputs, rather than use what was available in the open market.

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