The National Association of Seadogs has urged Nigerians to obtain their Permanent Voter Cards and ensure they troop out on election days to vote and monitor the ballots to prevent cultists and political thugs from hijacking ballot boxes from polling units.

The Association gave the advice during the organisation’s Public
Lecture on “Gangsterism, Hooliganism & Cultism in Nigeria: Role of
the Family,” held at Gbonogun, Abeokuta.

It also admonished citizens to bury the idea of votes don’t count, which,
according to it, will only embolden bad politicians to continue to
manipulate electoral process.

Meanwhile, a former Secretary to the Ogun State Government has listed
hooliganism, gangsterism, bad economy and poor parenting as part of
reasons why cultism is increasing among youths in the country.

He warned that the current wave of cultists’ activities need to be
checked in order to reduce the number of lives being cut short in their

He pointed out economic sustainability and family role as major factors
that could reduce the ills of cultism and gangsterism in the society,
noting that parents are expected to inculcate morals in their children.