2021 To 2023 Plan: Coalition Calls For Approval Of Kaduna Social Protection Policy

The Kaduna Social Protection Accountability Coalition, KADSPAC has appealed to the Kaduna State Government to approve the state Social Protection Policy Implementation Plan, 2021 to 2023.

KADSPAC is a coalition of civil society and media, working to strengthen transparency and accountability in the delivery of inclusive social protection noted that 2021 is almost gone and the plan is yet to be approved.

The state government had in February launched the social protection policy to address the vulnerability of the poorest residents by mitigating their social and economic shocks. According to the government, the dream, is to have a State, where the poorest and most vulnerable residents are supported to live productive, fulfilling, and dignifying lives” through a system that leaves no one behind.

The plan, if implemented, would provide 5,000 naira monthly allowance to 150,000, poor and vulnerable households, and 5,000 naira disability benefits to 50,000 persons with disability by 2023 under social assistance. The policy mapped out five measures which include;; social insurance; labour market intervention; social care; and legislation, regulations, and institutional framework.