The 2019 African Cup of Nations’ organising committee has reduced ticket prices after a backlash from Egyptian football fans last month over excessive costs.

Tickets for the Egyptian national team’s matches in the summer tournament, which will take place in the country, were initially priced at two hundred pounds, about twelve dollars for the cheapest admission and graduated up to six hundred pounds.

The reductions took place to ease the burden off of Egyptian soccer fans.

Living costs have soared since Egypt devalued their currency and slashed subsidies in order to receive a twelve billion dollars bailout from the International Monetary Fund in 2016.

Egypt will host the competition for the fifth time this June and July, with 24 teams participating for the first time in an expanded format.

Other games not involving the host nation are still set at a slightly lower price.

Local supporters were allowed to attend domestic league games regularly for the first time in three years only last season.