UNGA77: Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine, A Return Of Imperialism- Macron

President Emmanuel Macron of France called Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a return to “imperialism”.

He said those who remained silent or were secretly complicit were engaging in a new cynicism that is eroding the global order.

Marcon, while addressing world leaders on the opening day of the United Nation, UN General Assembly’s annual high-level debate, said: Today we need to make a simple choice either war or peace.

He noted that Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, through an act of aggression and invasion and annexation, broke the Assembly’s collective security when it deliberately violated the UN Charter and the principle of sovereign equality of states.

Macron lament that the war is undermining the principle of the organisation, and undermining the only possible world order, is undermining peace.

With this in mind, he said that he had been and would continue to engage in dialogue with Moscow, because it is only by working together, peace would be achieved. Macron rejected the stance of those nations that said they remained neutral, declaring: They are wrong, making a historic error.