Boko Haram terrorists killed three men and looted lots of bicycles in Chibok village of Borno State.

Residents said the insurgents walked into Bila-Amboldar village when residents were asleep and set the houses on fire.

The attackers purportedly shot at fleeing men in the pandemonium, killing two brothers, James Kwakwi and Mutah Kwakwi as well as a third person, Yusuf Yakubu.

A resident, Mana Bila said the terrorists walked to the village after hiding their motorcycles at a nearby Makalama village, which had been desolated following multiple attacks. She added that the attackers also carted away over twenty motorcycles and other valuables from the houses.

The leader of Chibok Girls’ Parents Association, Yakubu Nkenki lamented that the town is in a mourning mood, while calling on the Federal Government to improve security to protect soft targets.