An important World War One historical site in Taita-Taveta county has fallen into ruins.

The old Taveta Police Station, from where the first shot of the East African campaign was fired in August 1914 heralding the start of the war, requires conservation.

The important historical building has long been abandoned. Made from stones and mud, the house is now in ruins and the walls have started to peel and fall off, threatening its existence and the important history it holds.

Over the past six years, the structure has been partially destroyed and a tour to mark centenary commemorations since the end of the war on Saturday revealed a sad, dilapidated state of the building that holds an important history of the war.

Taita-Taveta Deputy Governor, Majala Mlaghui, said there was a need to protect and preserve historical sites since they can turnaround the economy of the county and the country through tourism.

She, however, said little can be done at the county level since the building is the property of the national government.