Football governing body FIFA has been asked to eject Iran from World Cup for banning women spectators from watching international soccer matches.

2,000 women who purchased tickets for Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier
against Lebanon in Mashhad, Iran’s northeastern city, were unable to
enter the stadium.

Outside of Iran, activists said that officials deployed pepper spray at
close range to disperse women who later protested the prohibition
outside the venue.

Expatriate Iranian sportsmen and campaigners claimed Iran should be
banned from international soccer until it changes its policy.

Iran had promised FIFA that it would cease its policy of gender
apartheid by allowing women to attend matches.

However, not only has Iran failed that pledge by continuing to prohibit
women from visiting stadiums, but women are also attacked, harassed,
and intimidated, according to report.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch has urged FIFA to demand that Iran
immediately lift its discriminatory stadium ban on women and hold
perpetrators accountable.

According to FIFA’s laws, gender discrimination is strictly forbidden
and punished by suspension or expulsion.