The Federal Government has advised Nigerians to maintain adequate personal hygiene at all times to avoid food poisoning.

The Chairman, National Food Safety Management Committee, Federal Ministry of Health, Mr Fubara Chuku, gave the advice during a sensitisation visit to food handlers at Karu abattoir near Abuja.

Chuku stressed the need to wash the hands regularly especially after playing with animals, using the bathroom, touching a cut or open sore, sneezing, blowing of nose and coughing.

He said there were some food toxins that could not be killed by just cooking the food, so Nigerians must be extremely careful of what they eat.

Also the Country Officer, Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa, PACA Stella Denloye said that long term chronic exposure to aflatoxin consumption could result in liver cancer, immune suppression and stunting in children. She described aflatoxin as a natural poison produced when certain mold species grow in foods.