The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, CIBN says it will soon organize capacity building for bankers in the country on the need for sustainable banking principles.

Uche Olowu, CIBN President

CIBN President, Uche Olowu, said this at a conference organised by LAPO Microfinance Bank Limited in Lagos with theme: “Enhancing Sustainable Finance in the Microfinance Subsector’’.

According to him, the role of CIBN in the proposed programme is to capacitise members of the banking community on the need for sustainable banking principles.

Also speaking, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Banking on Values GABV, Marcos Eguiguren, said the drive in sustainable finance in the financial sector was high in Sub Saharan African countries.

In his paper, Director, Sustainable Business Initiative SBI, Ken Amaeshi, said that sustainable finance was low globally because “investors don’t like what they cannot build upon.”

According to the don, sustainable finance has to be measurable, otherwise investors will not talk about sustainability if it is not measurable.