World Day: UNICEF Says 300,000 Children Newly Infected With HIV In 2020

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF says about 300,000 children were newly infected with HIV in 2020, which translates to one child every two minutes.

UNICEF a report released to commemorate World AIDS Day noted that another 120,000 children died from AIDS-related causes during the same period, or one child every five minutes.

The report explained that in Nigeria, 20,695 children aged zero to nine years were newly infected with HIV in 2020 or one child every 30 minutes.

The latest HIV and AIDS Global Snapshot cautioned that a prolonged COVID-19 pandemic was expanding the inequalities that had long driven the HIV epidemic, putting vulnerable children, adolescents, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers at increased risk of missing life-saving HIV prevention and treatment services.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said the HIV epidemic enters its fifth decade amid a global pandemic that has overloaded health care systems and constrained access to life-saving services.

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