A Tanzanian Court has sentenced four people to life imprisonment after they were convicted of cutting-off the arm of a person with albinism.

According to Judge Richard Mashauri, of the Tanzania High Court in Sumbawanga, in the southern highlands the four had intended to sell the arm to a witch doctor.

The cutting of limbs of albinos and the killings in the east African nation has been driven by the belief advanced by some witch doctors that the body parts of people with albinism have properties that confer wealth and good luck.

The four culprits, who committed the crime on May 14, 2015, are all residents of Mamba ward in Mlele district.

State Attorneys, Simon Peres and Dickson Makoro, for the Prosecution, had told the court that the convicts had raided a house of a person with albinism to kill him, but they ended up cutting off his arm.