An air strike in Ethiopia’s Amhara region has killed about 26 people, as a state-appointed rights group detailed widespread killings of civilians since fighting broke out this month.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission in a statement said federal forces managed to push Fano militiamen out of most major towns in Amhara, but clashes have continued in other parts of the northern region.

The Federal Government declared a state of emergency on August 4.

The fighting, which has been fuelled by Fano accusations that the federal government is trying to weaken Amhara’s defences, is Ethiopia’s biggest security crisis since a two-year civil war in the neighbouring Tigray region ended in November.

Ethiopia’s government denies the allegations by Fano, an informal militia that backed federal forces during the Tigray war. Spokespeople for the government, the military and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed did not respond to the Reuters news agency’s requests for comment on Monday about the suspected air strike or Human Rights Commission’s statement.