Service Chiefs’ Appointments Must Reflect Federal Character — Senate
Service Chiefs’ Appointments Must Reflect Federal Character — Senate

A bill for the establishment of Armed Forces Service Commission passed first reading at the Senate.

The bill was sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Enyinnaya Abaribe.

A copy of the proposed legislation showed that the commission shall have the power and authority to ensure that the composition/appointment of service chiefs of the Armed Forces reflects federal character principle.

It states that the Commission shall ensure that the functions specified in section 217 of the 1999 Constitution; and the powers exercisable by the President in the appointment of Service Chiefs and Officers Corps and other Ranks of the Armed Forces of the Federation in section 218 of the 1999 constitution reflects Federal Character of Nigeria.

It also said that the Commission will also recommend to the President the removal from office as Service Chiefs and Head of other Arm-bearing Security Agencies on ground of misconduct, abuse of office, breach of any section of the Constitution, the Armed Forces Act or any other Act of the National Assembly. Related