The Cameroon military has launched a search for some boys kidnapped on Sunday by suspected separatists in the country’s South-West region.

A Senior Officer in charge of the area said armed men invaded the locality of Mmouck Leteh in Lebialem division and take away over 60 boys, most of them aged between 12 and 16 years. He added that about 12 of the boys had managed to escape and back in the village where they were kidnapped. Lebialem has become a hotspot for separatist activity.

The officer noted that a separatist commander, commonly referred to as General Ayeke, had claimed responsibility for the kidnappings, demanding a ransom of 2,500 dollars.

Local officials say that many of the separatists have escaped military raids in North-West region, finding a safe haven in Lebialem where the ground makes it difficult for the military to operate.

Government forces have been fighting separatists in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions for the past four years now.

According to the United Nations, UN, the war has cost the lives 3,000 people and forced more a million from their homes.

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