The World Bank Group on addressing Fragility, Conflict and Violence has said that Nigeria is not a fragile state even with the current security challenges.

The group’s Adviser, Amara Konneh made this know during a meeting by the group to address fragility, conflict and violence affecting some countries.

He said the World Bank Group is focused on addressing group and as an institution has a way of classifying a country fragile, after critical assessment.

Konneh noted that the objective of the group was to address the drivers in affected countries and their impact on vulnerable populations with the end goal of contributing to peace and prosperity.

He said this could be achieved by helping countries escape fragility trap, protect essential institution and deliver critical services such as health and education.

Spokesman, Presidential Committee on Victims Support Fund, Alkasim Abdulkadir said the Nigeria government should do more in terms of conflict prevention and resolution.

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