Nigeria airlines have increased fares for domestic flights to at least 80,000 Naira depending on the trip over the rising cost of aviation fuel and foreign exchange crisis.

Checks on Friday showed that Azman Air flight from Lagos to Kano/Kaduna increased from about N60,000 to N100,000.

Air Peace also increased fares to N80,000 for flights to Abuja from Lagos, while a return journey is now N85,000. 

From Port Harcourt to Kano, the flight price is pegged at N85,000 for the same airline.

Ibom Air pegged the price at N80,000 for the same routes, while Max Air goes for N84,000 for Lagos to Abuja flights while Port Harcourt to Kano is around N130,000.

The increase in fares may not be unconnected to the multiple challenges
in Nigeria’s air travel sector. The aviation industry is faced with a surge
in the prices of aviation fuel which is significantly affecting operations.

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