Nigeria needs about 1.9 trillion naira to successfully implement a Net Zero Emissions plan under the Nigerian Energy Transition Plan, ETP.

Some Energy experts made the assertion at the 85th Power Dialogue organised by the Electricity Hub, TEH, in Abuja, with the themes: ‘Analyzing the Nigerian Energy Transition Plan’ and Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan: Reforms and Implementation.

They also contended that the ETP would remain just a plan if a feasible pathway is not evolved, especially as the challenge of financing gas initiatives has emerged due to the plan.

Jennifer Ifeanyi Okoro, stated that one important strategy used to connect to many people is the affordability of the products because the company targets mostly the poor. Also, Zira John Quaghe, highlighted the climate goals and how the energy transition fits in. He highlighted major factors for the energy transition plan and stated points that referred to accountability mechanisms.