The National Biotechnology Development Agency, NABDA, has continued its campaign to sensitise the populace on the safety and importance of Genetically Modified crops.

Senior Editors from the major newspapers had recently visited the agency’s Pod Borer Resistant beans farm at the Agency’s headquarters in Abuja. The NABDA having identified the Editors as partners in sensitising the public on the importance of the Modified crops, allowed them to have a first-hand experience of the transgenic crop on the farm.

Nigeria has since commercialised the Pod Borer Resistant beans and farmers are already planting the crop with testimonies of its resilience on the field.

Director-General of the Agency, Abdullahi Mustapha informed the editors that there are testimonies already from Nigerian farmers on the benefits of genetically modified crops.

He said farmers in Nigeria are maximising the potential of genetically modified crops, where they have reduced the spray of chemicals to control insects on their beans farm from ten sprays to two sprays.