Minimum Wage: Ngige Promises To End Disagreement Over Implementation

As workers earnestly await the implementation of the minimum wage, the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige has promised to end the disagreement on the consequential adjustment and salary relativity.

Chris Ngige, Minister Of Labour And Employment
Chris Ngige, Minister Of Labour And Employment

Ngige, who made the promise to Labour Writers in Abuja on Wednesday, said that the disagreement was responsible for the delay in the implementation of the new minimum wage.

The minister said that the decision to end the disagreement was to avoid the burden the backlog of arrears, the new minimum wage, would pose to state governments.

Ngige said that another negotiation was important to be able to ascertain the number of states that would be able to be to pay the backlog.

He said that it was the determination of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to fast-track the negotiation on consequential adjustment.

The minister said he had received a correspondence from the Chief of Staff to the President notifying him of  a deadline to the negotiation, adding that the details would soon be made public.

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