The Parliament of the Economic Community of West Africans States, ECOWAS has raised the alarm over the isolated treatment of the Malian standoff by member-states and warned that the rest nations in the sub-region were sitting on a time bomb on account of the persistent standoff.

A delegation to the stressed West African nation, in its preliminary assessment of its visits to camps of internally displaced persons, IDPs in Mopti and Bamako, urged for a swift resolution of the crisis, adding that no part in the entire sub-region was longer safe.

The team, which gathered relevant data concerning the refugees and first-hand information about their condition, sought to know if the rights of the affected persons to healthcare, shelter, food, and education had been respected.

Malian lawmaker, Fatimara Fonba called on the parliament to also consider the role of some foreign political interests accused of fueling the crisis in its report.

A member from Nigeria, Foster Ogola stated that the only way the crisis in the country could be solved was to identify its root cause and grievances of the masterminds.