Members of the Lagos State House of Assembly, discussed the idea of a law to curb street begging across the State.

It’s been reported that the law, if it comes into existence, would also penalise the encouragement of street begging by residents. In this way, it would be an offence to give money to a street beggar.

The Speaker of the House, Mudashiru Obasa, who described street begging as a menace taking over the State, agreed with the lawmakers at plenary that criminal elements have taken over the streets disguised as beggars.

Reacting to the motion brought by member of the House, Abiodun Orekoya and some of his colleagues, Obasa noted how previous administrations in the State made efforts to curb street begging but the challenge had not abated.

Obasa however emphasised the need for a law that would criminalise street begging and also penalise individuals who give money to beggars on the roads.