The second batch of Kenyan troops are due to arrive in the Democratic Republic of Congo today, as part of a regional force deployed for a peacekeeping mission in the east of the country.

Recall that armed groups have stepped up attacks in recent months raising worry about the threat they pose to the region’s security.

The 900 Kenyan troops will be in North Kivu province, where the M23 rebels have seized more territory in recent months and displaced thousands of people.

The Congolese government is set to resume discussions with representatives of various armed groups later this month in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

In another development, Sierra Leone’s parliament has approved legislation that will ensure that one in three of its members, and a third of all local councillors, are women and that the bill will now go to President Julius Bio to be signed into law.

Despite it being a key promise in his 2018 election campaign, it took three years for the cabinet to approve the draft, an earlier version was withdrawn over a technicality.

Presently only 19 of Sierra Leone’s 146 members of parliament are women.